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I'm Hosed

Meaning/Usage: To be screwed; to be out of luck

Explanation: Early findings of this word came from a saying "to drink water from a fire hose."  Basically, if you don't drink water, you are out of luck, and if you drink water from a fire hose, you are out of luck.  It is bad in both cases.  Therefore, you are out of luck.

"I didn't finish my report on time.  I'm hosed."
"I am hosed.  My mom found out I skipped school last week."
"I'm hosed.  My boss has given me tons of extra work to finish."

A.  "So I hear you got in trouble for getting bad grades."
B.  "Yeah, I'm hosed.  I cannot drive my car until I get my grades up."
A.  "That's too bad man."
B.  "Looks like I'll just have to start studying more."

Other Common Sentences

"I'm in a difficult situation."
"I'm not in a good situation."

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