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Dating - On the Date

When you finally see Janet at the restaurant or another dating place, you should say something right when you see her.  Here are a few examples

"I'm glad you showed up."
"You look great."
"Hi Janet.  It's good seeing you again."

During the date, you have to make sure the person stays interested.  This is primarily done by talking about subjects the other person wants to talk about.  In this case, Janet is concentrating on school.  Here are some things to say

"What subject do you find difficult?"
"What classes are giving you a hard time?"
"Do you like multiple choice questions or short answer questions?"
"Do you like writing essays?"
"What subjects interest you the most?"

After you find out more information on her interest, then you can say more things about it.

"When I was in college, I had a hard time with my writing assignments.  I guess my high school didn't prepare me enough.  So I went to the writing center located next to the library, and they helped me tremendously."

"I found psychology to be pretty easy, but I always made stupid mistakes with the multiple choice questions.  So I got a study guide for it and it helped me to get the minor details out of the way."

"I really like history too.  I enjoy learning about what happened and how we got to the state we are in now."

"You don't like calculus?  I was a math major.  If you would like, I can help you out with your homework.  I'm sure after a couple of lessons, you will think it is easy."

So helping out with homework is another way to get another date.  Although it will be more geared towards school work, you can take the opportunity to impress the other person.

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